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We are offering the following treatments:


Restorative dentistry

Teeth can degenerate through various processes, whereas cavities and abrasions is a common cause of it. With restorative treatments we are striving for a complete restorement. Small cavities and old fillings are repaired with composite material. For the reparation of bigger cavities, defects, and fillings, the patient has the alternative of crowns, inlays, or bridges.


Anxiety treatments

Anxiety is usually created by negative experiences, and lack of communication. We do understand that for most people going to the dentist is a less comforting experience. Our dentists are specialised in treating anxious patients. The dentist also lays out what is going to be done if that is the wish of the patient.


Oral hygiene and mouth care

Everything starts with good mouth hygiene. Poor oral hygiene is the most common cause of gingivitis (gums inflamed). If poor mouth hygiene is practiced, the gums become inflamed, caused by a build-up of bacteria in the form of plaque. Brushing daily, in combination with flossing or the use of tooth sticks will reduce it significantly. It is adviceable to visit your dentist and mouth hygienist on a regular basis. Poor oral hygiene will also decrease the lifetime of fillings, crowns and bridges. A toothbrush doesn't remove all food rests therefore it's important to make flossing or the use of tooth sticks part of your daily routine. The dentist will refer the patient to the mouth hygienist (also situated in the same building) if neccessary.


Cosmetic dentistry

The front teeth are particularly important in the daily function. A radiant smile is of importance to every individual.

There is a diversity of possibilties to restore the front teeth:

  • Porcelain crowns and bridges
    • If a tooth, for instance, has been weakened by a rootcanal-treatment or a big filling, a crown is the best solution. A porcelain "cap" is being placed over the tooth. The colour and shape of the tooth can be changed by the dental technician. Porcelain is a non-corosive material and the colour will remain throughout the years. We have a high quality dental laboratory in our practise as well. This results in direct contact between dentist, patient and technician. This contact is very important to prevent technical problems concerning the colour of elements and the adjustment of form and contour. By this we involve the patient more by the end result.
  • Facings/Veneers
    • A thin layer of porcelain is crafted and bonded to the front of the tooth to change shape, colour or alignment. The advantage of facings is that a relatively small amount of tooth tissue is being removed. The facing/veneer will be shaped and coloured by the dental technician. (see 'porcelain crowns').
  • Composite fillings
    • Often coloured fillings spoil the appearance of the teeth. The quality of the new generation of composite is outstanding, creating a high grade of perfection. The large variety of colours available ensures a perfect match to the colour of your own teeth.

Pediatric dentistry

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